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IT Bag summer2017

IT Bag 

summer 2017   


Buying a purse has now become an investment - we know it well when we look at prices - but there are the "IT Bags" on which it is worth it. Here is a selection of the 2017 Handbags, the most beautiful of this year that will never go out of fashion and above all will not go unnoticed!

Yes, because the addicted bags are only waiting for the coming season to have a valid reason to buy a new one and then complete their collection, following the latest trends. Here, in fact, you'll find smart guides on the most popular models: ten bags to have (and wear) for the summer 2017

Season coming, new bag arriving.

The models

The fashion shows brought a number of models from the most traditional shoulder strap to the tiny mini-buckets, Marc Jacobs and Chanel, picnic baskets, Tory Burch and Charlotte Olympia.Returns extra large leather bags, leather version of the plastic bags the same ones we find at the supermarket. From Balenciaga to Céline, for their comfort we can no longer do without.
After the backpack and the fanny pack , comes the drawstring design bag, used to store sports accessories. A return to childhood for Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler. Summer 2017 is an explosion of colors: from silver metallic bags (trend of the season) to pastel shades, to the most pure nuances. attention also for the print: we move from the exotic skin of python by Givenchy and Bottega Veneta to the retro patterns of Prada.
The digital era is part of our look: the bags represent a status, an idea, a strong claim .
Like "Future" for Gucci, and "See u Later" for Loewe.
Transforming classic models into the statement bag is just the finishing touches. The fringes, the posh version of the gaucho style in Giorgio Armani, are re-affirmed; The chains, used not only as a strap but also as a decorative element in Jean Paul Gaultier.In vogue the charms, which give that ironical touch from Fendi to Coach 1941, as well as the hoops, also in bakelite, with their bon ton touch 50s, Givenchy and Michael Kors Collection.
Great attention to how the bag is carried. Completely deconstruct the accessory and its portability: here is the shoulder strap as an 80s envelope. , under the arm and adhering to the side, while the pouch bag is like a backpack. If you do not want go wrong, several designers suggest that you wear the dangling handbag, held for the strap, to get a swing trend.

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